Do you own a services business;
Providing extraodinary service needs the best marketing strategy!

(SPA, Gyms, Hotels, Cleaners, Sports centers, Schools, Driving Schools,
Hair Salons, Medical Marketing, κ.ά.)

Based on my experience in service marketing of small businesses, we can work together on 6 levels: 

1. market & competition analysis (Expectation of Experience) - External Analysis

2. analysis of your service, your Point of Sale & the way the customer perceives your service (Confirmation of Experience) - Internal Analysis

3. customer satisfaction survey (Recall Experience) - Research /Internal Analysis

4. specific proposals for the 3 consumer behaviour steps (Expectation - Confirmation- Recall) - SWOT Analysis & Strategy

5. specific proposals for the 3 consumer behaviour steps (Expectation - Confirmation- Recall) & their implementation - SWOT Analysis, Strategy, Implementation & Follow up

6. employee training (see the available seminars)

"It's important to have a marketing strategy in order to always develop memorable experiences to your customers."

Consumer Behaviour in 3 steps:

When the consumer comes across a service business he develops expectations of experience. He ponders what the service will be like, how he will enjoy it and what he will gain from his interaction with the company.
With his visit to the company and after he receives the service provided by the business, he confirms his experience. Therefore, he might be satisfied or dissatisfied.
Next time he needs the same service he recalls his experience of the interaction with the company. If this recall is positive we have secures one more sale.

Special Handling

Services need special handling because they are:
  • intangible
  • inseparable
  • variable 
  • perishable

Are you concerned about:

  • Is the way I offer my service the right way? 
  • Do I address the right target group? etc


  • Do I have the right staff ?
  • Is my staff well trained ?
  • Do they approach my customers correctly ?
  • How will I recruit effectively ?
  • If my POS the right one ?
  • Does it help to build memorable experiences ?
  • Do I charge the correct rates ?
  • Do I reward my customers ?
  • Do I earn enough ? etc
  • Is the consumer engaged to the experience formulation ?
  • Can I improve it ?
  • Do I communicate effectively my work ?
  • Do I have enough new clients ? etc
  • Does it differentiate from competition;
  • Can it be enriched & how?
  • Should it be modernized? etc

Services Marketing

How does a consumer think? What makes him select a business? Approach your client with an effective marketing strategy, specialized for Businesses that offer services to their clients.

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Marketing Seminars

Marketing workshops that help a Small Business become competitive and increase its turnover. 

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Product Marketing

Consumers often need help to select the product they want to purchase. What leads to a successful sale? 

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