Find efficient Marketing Methods to promote your product
What leads consumers to a successful sale?

(Web Sites/ Web Portals, Cafe, Reasturants, Fastfood, catering, Retail Shops κ.ά.)

There are many different products addressing different consumers. Sometimes consumers have difficulty in choosing a product. But what makes them finally choose?

A product is successful when its Marketing MIX (4Ps) is correctly balanced: 



  • ingredients
  • packaging
  • quality
  • brand name
  • variation
  • warranty etc



  • pricing
  • discount strategy
  • promotion strategy etc


  • P.O.S.
  • Retail/Wholesalers
  • Stocks
  • Product Transferring
  • Product Keeping etc


  • communication strategy:
  • advertising
  • selling
  • promotions
  • public relations
  • direct marketing (mailings/internet) etc

Based on my experience in product marketing & management strategy in the high selling brands, we can work together on 6 levels:

  1. market & competition analysis- External Analysis
  2. analysis of existing product mix - Internal Analysis
  3. analysis part of the product mix (i.e. promotion) - Internal Analysis
  4. new product mic proposal - SWOT Analysis & Strategy
  5. new product mix proposal & its implementation - SWOT Analysis, Strategy, Implementation & Follow up
  6. employee training (see the seminars offered)



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Marketing Seminars

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Product Marketing

Consumers often need help to select the product they want to purchase. What leads to a successful sale? 

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