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 Marketing Support & Strategy

  • for the inrease or the maintenance of your clientele
  • for the loyalty of your customers
  • for the increase or the maintenance of your turnover

We can work together as follows:

Step 1: Marketing Check Up: diagnosis of the current situation of your Business (Internal / External Analysis).

See from an internal view how your company operates, the processes that are productive and spot the areas for improvement. 

Step 2: Marketing Strategy: Get a 12 month marketing plan for your Business with specific marketing activities in order to achieve your communication objectives based on an developmental strategy.

The marketing plan (within a specific budget) targets the development of your clientele and, furthemore, targets the increase of your turnover.

Step 3: Monthly Marketing Support: Implementation of the marketing plan and monthly monitoring of your Business through predefined indices.

Through monthly monitoring you will be able to take corrective action, in case it is needed, to succeed in your objectives. 

Alternatively: 1-to-1 Coaching For those that have some marketing knowledge or want to learn how to promote their business by themselves. Click here to book.

We will discuss your ideas and your concerns about your business and, step by step, you will get all the support needed, in order to implement your plans totally independently. For maximizing results, we need to work together for at least 3 months. It is essential for you to know how to use: the internet, Word, Excel, Facebook and your website content.


Marketing strategy can assist every type of company to develop & differentiate from competition.

In this worldwide economic crisis period, many companies are forced to close down or lose part of their established profits. The need for wise and cost efficient actions, in order to engage consumers/clients and increase their buying sequence & shopping basket, is absolutely necessary.

In a crisis period people tend to do two things: panic or re-establish their goals. The entrepreneurs that will adapt quickly and act wisely will overcome this period with minimum loss.

My consulting approach is the result of many years of experience in the field of well-known products and demanding services. My goal is to build a robust relationship with my clients-entrepreneurs which will be based on mutual trust, in order for us to work together in the direction of finding and implementing wise and economic measures; thus leading to further development of their business.

It is not only about consulting, it is about helping you increase your turnover. But, keep in mind that "Rome was not built overnight". Hard work, patience and a well-planned strategy are all needed, if we are determined to succeed.

Marketing applies to every company: Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business.

Marketing for every Business

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Themis Certification label   Certified Senior Consultant
Sysep2017 Member of the Greek Business Consultants Union (ΣΥΠΕΠ)
Θέμης Σαρανταένας Σύμβουλος Επιχειρήσεων Certified 
Social Media Marketing Associate CSMA
eMarketing Association
 Θέμης Σαρανταένας Σύμβουλος Επιχειρήσεων Certified Adult Trainer Ο.Α.Ε.Δ-Λ.Α.Ε.Κ.
mensa-member-themis-sarantaenas   Mensa Member
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