Start Up > Build your new business on a solid marketing base.
Great ideas need wise implementation in order, to succeed and become profitable.

Marketing consulting for a new start-up is essential, since marketing combines everything needed, in order to help the product/service reach the final consumer. The goal, of course, is not simply to reach the consumer but engage him and turn him into a loyal customer.

Based on my experience in national product launching in brands with the highest sales in Greece, we can discuss your new startup in order to ensure its success through a Business Plan:

  1. marketing & competition analysis - External Analysis
  2. product/service analysis & POS - Internal Analysis
  3. proposals for the launch - SWOT Analysis & Strategy
  4. proposals for the launch and implementation - SWOT Analysis, Strategy, Implementation & Follow up
  5. employee training (see the available seminars)

Some issues that concern new entrepreneurs and we can discuss are:

Before the launch

Product Service

  • packaging
  • competitive advantage
  • ability to diversify etc


  • the profitable building of pricing strategy (based on costs, competition and market)


  • how will the POS become productive?
  • how will the customer walk though the POS?
  • how will his visit in the POS become a memorable experience?
  • the selection of staff & their training etc


  • Public Relations in local community
  • advertising of new business
  • logo & stationary concept
  • promotion etc

After the launch

  • keep new customer
  • diversify product/service to give new options to customers
  • training of staff customer
  • satisfaction surveys
  • maintain & increase turnover
  • expansion etc

Services Marketing

How does a consumer think? What makes him select a business? Approach your client with an effective marketing strategy, specialized for Businesses that offer services to their clients.

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Marketing Seminars

Marketing workshops that help a Small Business become competitive and increase its turnover. 

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Product Marketing

Consumers often need help to select the product they want to purchase. What leads to a successful sale? 

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