Go beyond competition and stand out by a specific marketing plan with courses of action, tactics and a specific budget.

The marketing plan –in a few words- is the strategy that a business will follow in the marketing sector. It includes the study and the analysis of every factor which will define the marketing actions that should be followed. The marketing plan should be - at least- a 12-month one with certain and measurable objectives. In this way, the businessman is aware of what he has to do every month, how to take his course of action and how to evaluate it.

After creating a marketing plan, one may wonder who is going to put it into effect or who is going to put it into effect correctly. As is so often the case, not only is it important to know what to do but it is also necessary to know how to do so in order to get positive results. Together, we can find the way of collaboration that best suits your needs and thus I can help you develop your business by employing effective business actions.

Tip: The secret of success of a good marketing plan is the correct internal and external analysis of the situation.

When can I be useful to you?

When you are concerned about:

  • The achievement of your business goals through the increase in sales
  • Creating business foundations for the future
  • Enhancing recognition and consolidation on the market
  • Launching new products or services


  • ... you need vast experience on marketing and hiring a senior executive from within the business comes more expensive
  • ... you seek substantial and multifaceted strategy which will add value to your business
  • want to support your internal marketing department with the supervision of an experience marketer

  • 150+

    successful launches


    What does marketing strategy & implementation involve:

      • Market & competition analysis – External Analysis (primary or not)
      • Product/service analysis & analysis for the point of sale – Internal Analysis
      • Specific suggestions on the trading policy of your business / Strategic Planning – SWOT Analysis & Strategy
      • Specific Marketing Tactics to reach goals based upon a specific calendar
      • Easy Methods for measurement of activities
      • Implementation of Marketing Strategy
      • Creation and implementation of the communication campaign
      • Editing the communication identity in all actions
      • Media relations and access to Mass Media (Public Relations)

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