Develop the right strategy for your online presence.

Should I go online? 

All businesses, despite their size, should be present on the Internet. Being on the Internet is an easy way to be found by potential/existing customers. Today, almost everybody owns a smartphone or an IPhone with easy access to the Internet. Do not forget that being on the Internet means that your business is "open" 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, even if you don't have an e-shop.

Additionally, having an online presence can enable your interaction with your clients become easy and cost efficient.

Content Services

With my experience in Internet Strategy, content creation (essential for a business being online) & copywriting, we could work together on 2 levels:

    • Monitoring, editing of your Business Social Media presence: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and respecting content feeding.
    • Development of a blog and article writing related to your Business (Languages supporter: Greek, English, French)

Internet Marketing Strategy Services:

Based on my experience in new media and social media, we could work together in any of the following 2 levels:

1. Internet Marketing Strategy

    • Provide your Business with the best Internet presence
    • Add value to your marketing efforts
    • Select the suitable internet tools you could to use
      • Assistance in order to find a S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) expert
      • Assistance in order to find an AdWords Google expert

2. Development of your Social Media page (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

    • Development of your Social Media page, in order to work as a recruiting tool for new customers

Services Marketing

How does a consumer think? What makes him select a business? Approach your client with an effective marketing strategy, specialized for Businesses that offer services to their clients.

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Marketing Seminars

Marketing workshops that help a Small Business become competitive and increase its turnover. 

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Product Marketing

Consumers often need help to select the product they want to purchase. What leads to a successful sale? 

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