My mentoree - Petros Goulas (exclusive partner in Cyprus)

petros goulas


Who is Who

Petros is a Cypriot marketing professional who has been working in marketing for the last 3 years. He worked for 2 years at INTERSPORTS DW SPORTS in the marketing and the sales department. He was responsible for the brand's promotional plan and its retail marketing strategy.

After that, he developed his own marketing consulting company, PGMC, and worked as a freelancer consultant. When we met and he got familiar with my marketing orientation and effective approach for small and medium businesses, he decided to support "Marketing Consultant" in Cyprus. His main area of responsibility is to act as a local consulting representative - my right hand - for Cypriot clients. Together, we are working on a new innovative project of mentoring, where I mentor him in Marketing & Consulting.

Through this mentoring process, Petros is:


  • Gaining from my marketing expertise
  • Receiving critical feedback in key areas
  • Developing a sharper focus on marketing
  • Learning specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to consulting.

This combination provides a unique consulting experience to clients, combining a well established and successful marketing professional with a young, local and ambitious marketer, who has deep knowledge and undestanding of the Cypriot market.

Especially, Business Owners can benefit from:

  • Getting Effective Business Advice
  • Implementing Innovative Marketing Perspective
  • Improving Their Business Skills
  • Networking
  • Using Methods and Strategies which have effectively helped other businesses
  • Building Long-Lasting Relationships with clients
  • Finding Encouragement

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